Audit Vault Server (AVS) – Installation Prerequisites

In this post, I am sharing the prerequisites for installing the Audit Vault Server, obviously, on the basis of my own experience. Note that, this information is most relevant to AVDF (Audit Vault and Database Firewall) Release 12.2 (Exactly, I was working with AVDF version, while writing this post).

Hardware Requirements

Audit Vault needs a dedicated Intel x86-64 bit-based Server or Virtual Machine. Yes, dedicated! That means you can’t use that specific Server to serve any other purpose. It’s a good idea to investigate the Version/Release information of the Embedded Operating System of any specific Audit Vault Server you want to install. For example, version includes Oracle Linux release 6 with UEK version 4 (kernel-uek-4.1.12-124.19.7.el6uek.x86_64). Now if you buy/arrange such a Server or Virtual Machine which don’t support this Release of Oracle Linux, you will not be able to install the software there. Hardware Certification List (HCL) will be helpful to sort out this dependency issue.

Audit Vault Server

Memory Requirements

The minimum requirement is 8 GB. But for smoother operation, try to allocate at least 2x of the minimum requirement i.e. at least 16 GB of memory. Personally, I like to allocate around 25 GB, if memory is not an issue for the client I am working with.

Disk Space Requirements

The minimum requirement is 220 GB though Oracle recommends 300 GB at least. Obviously, you have to decide it yourself based on the size of your Audit data. For most of my clients, I proposed 500 GB+. But don’t worry! AVDF will let you enhance the storage capacity later.

Target Requirements

In AVS, the “Target” means each Server/Machine from which audit data will be collected. Java version 8 is the minimum JAVA version you will need in the Targets. AVS supports a variety of Target OS platforms including Oracle Linux, Redhat Linux, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Windows Server, etc.

That’s all for today. You should go through Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Installation Guide for more details on installation prerequisites. My upcoming post titled Audit Vault Server – Installation Guide will demonstrate a step by step procedure with all relevant installation snapshots.

Stay Tuned !